Pitch Changer Application for K Company

Pitch Changer Application for K Company

Except for application in later part of Semiconductor Packing and Inspecting, which industry can use Pitch Changer?

The answer is processing phone lens, phone panels, relative instruments of automobile electronics components.

Since last year, we keep in touch with K company. K company is major in manufacturing equipment for automobile electronics components.

Following is how KOGA Automation help K company to improve 6 times productivity, which makes equipment of K company more competitive. 

Before using Pitch Changer:

Before using Pitch Changer, equipment of made by K company is bigger. Transmission way is single picking and placing, taking one processing objects and then move to next tray plate. Of course, using single picking is no need to consider spacing of trays. But while transmission process, it takes a lot of time and lower efficacy.

 For one term picking (tray spacing 65mm to the other tray 50mm) : PickingèMachine movingèPlacingèBack to origin

One term movement takes 7 secs. There are 12 processing objects on tray plate, so the total time is 12 (pcs)x7(sec)= 84 sec.


After using Pitch Changer:

After discussion, we know K company wants to pick and place 12 objects in one term. But the processing objects are heavy. Under maximum afford estimation of Pitch Changer, KOGA Automation provided proposal for using two Pitch Changers, each one has 6 sliders; picking objects in twice and moving once. Movement of our proposal is the right pics.

According to our suggestion, steps are: Moving to tray (65mm) è Picking 6 objects è moving è Picking rest 6 pcs è moving to tray (50mm) è Placing 6 pcs è Placing the rest 6 pcs è back to tray (65mm)

One term for 12 pcs, takes 8 secs.


Currently, K company is using Pitch Changer in their equipment. 6 times rising productivity, makes K company being priority than other suppliers.

If you are still confusing about how to define your Pitch Changer, please do not hesitate to contact us! 

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