Pitch Changer Application in PCB and FPCB

Pitch Changer Application in PCB and FPCB

Recently, equipment of automation industry is well developed. In area of semiconductor, panel, LED and so on, in order to improve productivity, it is easy to see new technology and design. Pitch Changer which designed by ourselves is the most common one in electronic industry. Multiple picking function of Pitch Changer replaces traditional single picking to rise production. Following is how we improve 6 times productivity by using Pitch Changer and MGD cylinder.

HT Company is the end user of PCB, they knew KOGA Automation in 2018, an exhibition in China. In 2019, HT Company tended to use Pitch Changer and MGD cylinder in PCB and FCB processing.

Material of HT Company is PCB and FPCB. The major requirement of HT Company is pick PCB and FPCB to tray plate, doing welding and then later part packing.

The process of Pitch Changer is:

– Takes 1 pcs of PCB to tray plate.

– Takes 1 pcs of FPCB to tray plate.

– While tray plate is full, it will be transporting to next stage for welding.

– Picks objects after welding for later packing by personnel.

HT Company wants to improve their productivity, by using Pitch Changer it can reach following:

– 6 Heads on Pitch Changer, so it can pick 6 pcs in one time. Comparing to initial way, shortening time of picking.

– Material is slender, so KOGA Automation using MGDV cylinder with two buffer nozzles to replace original picking, stainless steel nozzle hard pressed to overcome material warpage. By using MGDV cylinders, it can avoid warpage and prevent damage to materials.

– Reducing personnel in later part packing: After using Pitch Changer, personnel do not need to put all PCB out and reorganize. Pitch Changer can pick material to packing lines.

Left one is original using, single cylinder picks one objects.

Right one is using Pitch Changer and MGD cylinders with two buffer nozzles pick 6 items at once


Above is case of improving customers using. Not only improves productivity in 6 times, also solves warpage of PCB+FPCB.

Recently, in order to overcome the problems of circuit shrinkage and production efficiency, most of the PCB industry uses LDI laser direct imaging to innovate the process. Our Pitch Changer series can be the best match in PCB manufacturing process due to excellent performance in accuracy.

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