2019 KOGA Annual Review

2019 KOGA Annual Review

In 2019, the political and economic turmoil in the world and economic conflicts are unremarkable. This year, in zodiac sign is pig, but even being a pig is not safe.

Looking back on 2019, Brexit is still pending; exchange rates of various currencies are turbulent; the Chinese economy is downturn; trade wars between Japan and Korea; conflictions of extradition to China still being; African swine fever outbreaks in Asia, and so on.

Each event involves the international political and economic situation, especially trade war of USA and China. Due to related policies from USA, it makes foreign and Taiwanese investors do divestment. Also, these policies stop improvement of traditional industries, electronics and so on. Also, machines and equipment are victims under these policies.

Two years ago, equipment, materials and other related objects for processing panels and semiconductors were in short supply. Every distributors and agents did their best to support this market. Everyone had done his/her best, but still it was not efficient. It just like happened yesterday. But went through this year, needs were broken by series trade wars, which terrified most of companies. Till the end of 2019, demands for 5G comes out, as a light of hope.

Every year, I am really thankful to all employee in KOGA. Each member did their best, especially it is a tough year. Under efforts of our members, we do not have improvement on turnover. But we can accept drops in digits. I really thank to everyone in KOGA, also apologize to them, because I did not make another achievement.

Squat, which means jump higher in the future. Many years, we do not forget our creeds for serving customers and keep learning from each other. Under hard environment, we do not limit budget of developing. In next year, we (KOGA) will have more advantage and competitive products.

Thanks for our customers. Grateful to our suppliers for supporting. For members of KOGA, let’s make our myth together in next year.

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