Analytics and Choice of Manual Stage


Analytics and Choice of Manual Stage

Manual Stage, also is called positioning stage/slider. Usually it is used for slight adjustment. There are five types are sold by KOGA Automation: Dovetail, Rack& Pinion, Crossed Roller, Guide-Bass Rotation and Electrical Drive with Ball Screw.


KDF Dovetail with Feeding Screw

Rack & Pinion

KDR Rack & Pinion with Feeding Screw

Rack & Pinion

KS Crossed Rollers with Micrometer-Head

Guide-Bass Rotation

KRT Guide-Bass Rotation with Micrometer-Head

Electrical Drive with Ball Screw

KWHJA is using motor to drive ball screw

There are so many types of Manual Stage,

Various Leading Movement of Manual Stage

Dovetail Manual Stage

Literally, it is a shape similar to dove’s successors tail. Dovetail is a kind of mechanical structure; marks of groove is

Mechanism of dovetail manual stage is relative motion. It is stable and high accuracy while operation. So, dovetail-type manual stage is widely used in processing machine tools. Dovetail grooves is usually work with trapezoidal guide, dovetail is the leading part and trapezoidal guide is supporting. This combination is always used in processing working plate in the machine.

Dovetail Manual Stage is usually used in Optical instruments, Tester, Inspecting Instrument, making semiconductor device, testing machine, microscope, transporter, processing machine, medical equipment, printer and so on.

Crossed Roller Manual Stage

Crossed Roller Manual Stage is a linear guide with limitation of working length.

Mechanism of this manual stage is crossing rollers inside, driven by external power (manual) to adjust. Except rollers, there is a dedicated guide inside manual stage for crossing roller series. This guide has special heat treatment and precision processed, so it can resist deformation. Guide combining with rollers become high rigidity and high operation accuracy. Also, it is a small linear movement system.

Crossed Roller Manual Stage is widely used in adjusting working plate of testing instrument and its’ relatives, motor manufacturing, various testers, Printer board, exposure machine, operating machine and X ray instrument and so on.

Rack & Pinion Manual Stage

Rack and Pinion are equipment for transmission.

There are two different type of racks, one is spur another is helical rack. These two correspond to spur and helical pinion.

When rack leads pinion, it is linear transmission. And it is pinion leads rack, it is a rotating movement.

Rack and Pinion cam be used in elevators, track system, car steering system, machine, actuators and other feed mechanisms.

Rack Pinion Manual Stage is suitable for wide range adjustment with less accuracy. 

Manual Stage Control – Feed Screw

Feed Screw or is called Adjustment Thread. Thread angle is 60-degree, specification is shown by M.

Metric thread can be divided to coarse and thury/fine thread. Classification of these two is according to how much it processed. By using screw to control move forward and back. One round of screw turning, almost equal to 1 distance unit. If 1 pitch equal to 0.5mm, which means screw is turned 1 round. Thus, feed screw is suitable for adjusting length and measuring.

Manual Stage Control- Micrometer Head

Micrometer head is different to Vernier caliper, it follows Abb’s Principle*, so that is can adjust more accurately.

*What is Abb’s Principle?
Abb’s Principle is “For higher measuring accuracy, scale of inspecting target, inspecting equipment and inspecting direction should be on the same line.” For Micrometer Head, scale and inspecting position are on the same line. Micrometer-Heads follow Abb’s Principle, that’s the reason can be called high measuring accuracy.

How to CHOOSE manual stages?

First of all, you need to know what your demands and then have comparison to difference. We have advice for choosing a suitable manual stage for you:

High Accuracy Slightly Adjustment: When you need to adjust scale for 10um, KS Crossed Rollers Manual Stage is suitable. Crossed Rollers Manual Stage with Micrometer-Head is high moving accuracy, loading and rigidity.

Rarely Adjustment: If adjustment is not usual, KDF Dovetail Manual Stage is recommended. Dovetail Manual Stage with feed screw have good performance and low cost.

Quick & Long Length Adjustment: When it comes to wide range adjustment, KDR Rack and Pinion Manual Stage is the best. Rack & Pinion combines with dovetail provides quick moving.

Slightly Plane Adjustment: For surface adjustment, KRT Guide-Bass Rotation Manual Stage is the option. Rotation Manual Stage can combine with Micrometer-Head for more accurate adjustment.

Automatic Adjustment: For auto calibrating, KWHJA Electrical Stage is your solution.

Above is our advice for choosing suitable manual stage. If you still confuse, please do not hesitate to contact us!
If you do not find manual stage you want, please contact us. KOGA Automation has customized service.

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