TERRIBLE STATIC!!! Where does it come from?

TERRIBLE STATIC!!! Where does it come from?

In general, an atom is composited by elements. In these elements can be divided to neutron, electronic and proton.

Usually, amount of electronic and proton are the same, which means electric charge of positive and negative are the same, so atom is neutral.

When atom loses external electronic, amount of proton is higher than electronic, so atom becomes positive.
On the contrary, when atom has other electronic, it becomes negative.

Balance of Electron and Substance
Electric Charge Balance: Amount of electronic = Amount of Proton
Positive: Electron < Protons
Negative: Electron > Protons
Changing amount of electron can charge substance.

This is an atomic rod. It contains 10000 atoms. There are two protons, electron and neutron in each atom.

Neutral objects are charged due to approach, rub and peel.

Rubbing Charge: When two objects rub, they will be charged.
Peeling Charge: Electrons move while peeking. Faster peeling, charge of electron is higher.
Scrolling Charge: Objects contact repeatedly.
Blowing Charge: When high-pressure gas or fluid in blowing, it will rub to nozzle. Then air and fluid will be charged.

What will affect charge?

Contacting Area: Larger area, higher charge.
Pressure: Higher pressure, higher charge.
Rubbing: Higher friction, higher Charge.
Temperature: Though temperature does not take important role. But higher temperature, smaller resistivity.
Humidity: Higher humidity, lower charged.

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