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TERRIBLE STATIC!!! Where does it come from?

In general,an atom is composited by elements.In these elements can be divided to neutron,electronic and proton. Usually, amount of electronic and proton are the same,which means electric charge of positive and negative are the same,so atom is neutral. When atom loses external electronic,amount of proton is higher than electronic, so atom becomes positive.

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Renew Cutting Fluid(1)

While processing, there are a lot of particles, chips and choke will follow system back to coolant tank of CNC machine. After filtering, cutting fluid can be used. But for long time, there will be more and more particles in fluid. Finally, particles affect quality of processing and consumption of equipment. So, how can we remove particles in cutting fluid?

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What are features of Pitch Changer? (2)

Is Pitch Changer great?Pitch Changer does not need huge and large mechanism to reduce cost time for installation. It can let users have shorter installation time, easy to use instead of using traditional transferring mechanism with heavy, completed and short usage.

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What is Pitch Changer? (1)

I have a question! What is Pitch Changer?Pitch Changer usually is used in semiconductor, IC and other relative manufacturing process. If you want to know more about multiple picking and different transferring, please contact us!I have a question! What is difference between Pitch Changer and traditional transferring?Now a days, most of factories are using cone pulley, scissor and flat groove to design machine for pitch changing. Accuracy of these mechanisms are ±0.1~0.3mm. Most of these mechanisms are not easy to maintain and repair. Also, it is difficult to adjust. In order to rise productivity,

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