Flow meter for air and fluid


    Flow meter for air and fluid

    • 空氣 / 液體,使用自在。
    • 流量、溫度,一機兩用。

    • 商品介紹


    • This sensor can detect flow and temperature. It can show temperature and flow value in simultaneously.
    • It can use RS485 communication.
    • When value lower than set point, it would alarm individually.
    • No limitation of installation direction. 
    • Quick reaction time.
    • If there are blocking or irregular in pumps, it can reflect timely. Detecting system would not impact by pressure.
    • Output communication can use NPN or PNP. (Please let us know while ordering)
    • It can replace pressure switch on filter. Flow value would decline when pipes is choke. 
    • It is not related to pressure in tube. So it is no need to use multi-section pressure switch to detect degree of blockage.
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